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Sewage Clean Up Services

Sewage backup can cause more problems than homeowners might realize. The sewage backup can not only cause a bad odor and smell but can also cause irritation to the airways and lungs. Gastrointestinal upset and liver problems are all more serious health hazards. These types of health issues can cause long-term problems for the entire family. It is crucial to properly clean up after a sewage backflow or leak.

It is important to hire a professional to repair the problem and make recommendations on how to avoid future sewage backup. Even if the problem is severe, the right professionals can repair it with minimal damage to landscaping or plants.

Many disasters cause homes to be flooded, sometimes affecting the sewage system. Leaking sewage can occur in normal use as well as during natural disasters. You should call a company that is skilled in sewage damage cleanup to help you handle this situation.

Sewage contains several harmful microbes. Salmonella and E.Colli can all be found in sewage and pose a serious risk to your health. Since you don’t have the necessary protective clothing to clean up sewage, you should not attempt to clean it. You also run the risk to spread the organisms to other parts of the house. Experts will take care of the refuse professionally, decreasing the chance of spreading the organisms to other areas.

Also, sewage can ignite if it contains flammable gasses. You should immediately notify experts if you notice a burst main sewer pipe in your locality. They can help you and your neighbors.

Old sewage systems can burst due to worn-out piping. The gases released can cause respiratory issues. You may find it difficult to eat in your home due to the stench. These are all serious health issues that you need to address immediately.

Our experts are available 24/7 to assess the damage and provide a quick solution. The experts of Team Water Damage Restoration will secure the area so that no one can access the hazardous waste. The crew will clean up the mess and disinfect the area to make it safe again. They will also clean up any other areas of the home if the waste has reached them. Do not touch furniture or household items affected by liquid waste. Our team will take care of it for you in a way that is safe for your health. You can see the business records of service providers in your local area to determine how efficient their services are. You can get a good idea of where to start your research by looking at reviews and getting referrals.