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Emergency Water ExtractionWe completely understand how traumatizing it can be to have flood or water damage issues, so our main goal is to make this process as easy and worry-free as possible. We are specialized in sewage & flood cleanup, basement flooding and especially water damage restoration services. You can be assured that our service will be done in a very quick and professional manner with very little hassle to you. Easing your worries is our main priority!


Get a FREE No Hassle Estimate!

Team Water Damage - Free EstimatesYou will always get an upfront price quote for any cleanup services or water damage repair, so there will be no surprises when the bill comes. Just contact us and we will dispatch the closest restoration technician to your property. We will accurately assess moisture, water damage, and precisely determine what measures need to be done.  You will get an upfront price quote, and we try to keep it simple and easy as possible for you.

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Water Damage RestorationWe also have a large network of reputable, insurance approved professionals that are real experts when it comes to water damage restoration, flood and sewage cleanup. Our technicians have years of experience, and there is no doubt that they will take care of business strictly professionally and in fastest way possible for fair price. Our staff has the resources and experience to expedite our water removal services to get the situation resolved.

Our Rates Are Fair and Straightforward!

Team Water Damage CalculatorWe always make sure that the price that is quoted is always fair and staight forward… How is that done? Well, we are not the ones that determine the price, but we rather leave it up to software to calculate the price. In the disaster restoration industry, rates are usually determined by what the insurers will compensate for your water loss. By using the same software, we can ensure you that quoted price is always completely fair.

Relax – there’s only one estimate you need!

So, if you have an office or home that has water issues, or if it has experienced some flood damage, please call us right now, and our qualified technicians will happily give you a free estimate of any work that you need to get done.

We can bill your insurance company!

Team Water Damage InsuranceWe will provide you with total assistance throughout every part of the insurance claims, so there is basically no need for calling your adjuster first. You can simply call us, and we will take care of your claim if the loss is covered by flood insurance or homeowners insurance. As a matter of fact, we can even send our invoice to your insurance company!

Let Us Handle Your Water Damage Restoration!

Flood Damage RestorationYou need to have in mind that water damage is nothing to be messed around with! We receive many calls daily from various homeowners that attempted the repairs and water extraction process by themselves, and they only made matters worse. We usually get these calls once they finally notice mildew and mold growing in walls, corners, and floors that start to bubble and buckle. When we finally get there, it’s a pretty bad situation, and it didn’t need to be that way. So, be smart and call right away!

Water Loss DetectionThe main reasons are simple:…water can be undetected, and it can contain hidden viruses and bacteria that can cause sickness. The biggest issue lies in the fact that flood cleanup is very challenging. The whole process doesn’t just involve vacuuming of standing water, it is also finding water that cannot be seen through a visual inspection. That water damage that you can clearly see is just a small part of it. It is mostly about the water that you cannot see, which can decay and cause water rot to your property and present a potential health hazard like black mold!

We guarantee the work is done to your satisfaction!

Satisfaction GuaranteeThere is basically no room to take chances when it comes to the water damage cleanup process, and the most important part is to choose the right company that will do this task for you in the quickest, and most reliable way possible. So to provide you with maximum confidence and assurance that we are the best company specialized in water damages, and we back all our services with a complete satisfaction guarantee!

Flood Damage Restoration and Sewage Cleanup!

Sewage CleanupIf you are dealing with standing sewage at your property, don’t hesitate to call a professional flood damage restoration company. Act fast to prevent your home from many threats that come with these types of issues. Also remember that only certified remediation companies will have the necessary resources and equipment to perform sewage cleanup services that will keep your property disinfected, dry and perfectly safe.

Team Water Damage is an IICRC certified organization and licensed contractors. We are professionally trained and fully prepared to handle any flood damage, mold removal, and water loss situation. Hopefully, you’ll never need our services…but if you do, you can count on us to handle your restoration & cleanup with professional care!

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